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Even though concrete pavers aren’t always exposed to vehicle traffic like concrete driveways are, they still take plenty of punishment. Backyard barbecues, outdoor campfires, heavy foot traffic, and unrelenting sunshine can cause patios to fade, discolor, and abrade if you leave them unprotected. A good Xylene-based waterproofing can keep new concrete pavers looking great for many years to come. In addition, Paver Waterproofing Naples will even improve the appearance of existing patios, especially if they are topically colored.

Why Is Paver Waterproofing Naples Important?

The reason for waterproofing is similar to that for waxing a car, wearing sunscreen, or applying stain repellent to new carpeting. It’s done to enhance the appearance, keep the color from fading due to sun exposure, and protect it from stains and moisture absorption.

A waterproof sealer on your patio, deck or driveway will help prevent the color from fading over time. Causes of fading include sun exposure, foot traffic, and abrasion. Waterproofing will also help prevent discoloration caused by common outdoor stains such as dirt, leaves, lawn chemicals, food spills, and residue from fire pits. Xylene-based waterproofing contains UV protectants and stain repellents that will virtually eliminate fading. In addition, it makes the concrete easier to clean and maintain.

When Is It Time to Waterproof My Pavers?

Even when properly applied to a clean well-profiled surface, waterproofing will wear away over time. The average service life is three to five years, depending on foot traffic, weather, and other exposure conditions. Waterproofing a concrete patio on a regular basis will help to preserve its color and resilience.

There are several ways you can tell when a patio needs a new coat of waterproofing. Has the surface lost its sheen? Does water soak in rather than bead up on top? Is the finish beginning to show signs of wear? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to call paver waterproofing Naples professional at Collier County Pressure Cleaning.

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